Deep Waters TV

& St. Marys Radio present

"Sound Talks"

Deep Waters TV, in association with St. Marys Radio, produces monthly short web video documentaries featuring artists in St. Marys & Perth County. It's a program called "Sound Talks". The audio portion of the show plays on our airwaves once a week, every week so you'll have four chances to listen to the monthly episode! In addition, the videos will always be available on the YouTube channel!


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Sponsor our Web Video Series!

Is your business interested in becoming the official sponsor of our web video series? For $500/month;


-Your logo & website address are placed in the video, at the beginning & end of every video. The videos are permanent on our YouTube channel! If you cancel your sponsorship, all past videos still feature your business & website address, permanently!

-Your logo & link to your website are placed here on this "Deep Waters TV" page.

-Because the audio portion of the TV show is broadcast on our airwaves, your business is automatically mentioned on-air!

-No long term commitment, cancel anytime!

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